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TANGLED Key Art Campaign

One of the first concepts I drew for Disney's Tangled was rejected because it showed “too much hair" (see below). Months later, one of my colleagues decided to disregard the original direction and embrace the hero's golden locks. The client loved it, the studio printed it, and Tangled became one of the biggest films of 2010.


Above Left: Concept Thumbnail by Rob McFarlane

Above Center: Presentational Comp by Amy Botello

Right: Final Campaign One Sheet

TNG_Teaser_1shta copy 2.jpg

Above: Presentation Sketches by Bill Garland.

Concepts and Art Direction by Rob McFarlane.


Left: Outdoor Concept Thumbnail

Below: Final Outdoor Key Art

IMG_5757r1 copy.jpg

Right: In-theater Standee

tngmm009 copy.jpg

Unless otherwise noted, the work shown on these pages was either created by Rob McFarlane or produced under his creative direction.

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