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SHREK Key Art Campaigns

Once upon a time, audiences had never heard of Shrek.

DreamWorks knew they had a good picture on their hands with the original Shrek feature but were concerned parents weened on traditional Disney classics might be put off by the irreverent tone and unconventional hero.

With the title character's relative obscurity in mind, I sketched a thumbnail which played up the cast names -- an unusual approach for animated features at that time, but one which has since become standard marketing practice. My thumbnail formed the basis for what ultimately became the Shrek franchise's first piece of finished Key Art.


Above: Original Thumbnail 

Right: Final Teaser One Sheet

DreamWorks Pictures / 2001

Shrek A_edited.jpg

In addition to my work on the Shrek Print campaign I wrote the script to the TEASER TRAILER. The rhyming copy acknowledges the story's fairytale roots with an irreverence that distinguished it from the competition. . .

Screen Shot 2019-04-22 at 12.12.27

Above: Click image to see the original Shrek Teaser Trailer

Left: Final Teaser Trailer Script

DreamWorks Pictures / 2001

I also provided Key Art concepts and copy for the first two Shrek sequels . . . 

shrek 2 1 copy 3_edited.jpg

Above: Shrek 2 Teaser One Sheet Thumbnail

Right: Final Teaser One sheet

DreamWorks Pictures / 2004

Shrek 2 A copy 2.jpg
IMG_3179 2.jpeg

Above: Shrek 2 International Outdoor Key Art Concept

Illustration by Bill Garland

Concept & art direction by Rob McFarlane

shrek 3 copy 3.jpeg

Above: Shrek the Third Teaser One Sheet Thumbnail

Right: Final Teaser One Sheet

DreamWorks Pictures / 2007

Shrek_the_Third_large copy 2.jpg

Unless otherwise noted, the work shown on these pages was either created by Rob McFarlane or produced under his creative direction.

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