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THE LEGO MOVIE Domestic Key Art Campaign

It's nice when a studio settles on a copy line early in a campaign. Especially when it’s a line I wrote. 

I drew approximately eleventy hundred sketches for The Lego Movie including a couple concepts that went to finish. In each case, I tried to make sure the image supported the main idea -- the "Story of a Nobody Who Saved Everybody."  

The Lego Movie took home the Gold at the 2014 Key Art Awards, winning the competition’s highest honors for Best Overall Campaign. More importantly, the picture dominated at the Box Office. 

47 copy 2.jpg
Copy of 2.jpeg
LEGO.PRES.47rev2 copy.jpeg

Above left: Original thumbnail

Above center: Presentation drawing by Bill Garland

Above right: First Round comp

Below: Final Outdoor Key Art by Art Machine

32 copy 4.jpg
LEGO.PRES.7.12.13 copy 2_Page_3.jpg

Above left: Original Thumbnail

Above center: Presentation Sketch by Bill Garland

Above right: First Round Comp

Below: Final Domestic One Sheet by Art Machine


My original thumbnail

Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.20.46
Screen Shot 2019-04-18 at 10.21.09

Below: A couple scripts I wrote for the AV campaign. Neither went to finish, but they were fun to write.

Unless otherwise noted, the work shown on these pages was either created by Rob McFarlane or produced under his creative direction.

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