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I've contributed art, copy, and associated branding to some of the entertainment world's biggest franchises. Check out the sliding gallery below for a peek at some of my faves. You can also SCROLL DOWN to see more categories or click on the WORK menu above. 

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When I was eight, my dad and I wandered into one of the movie poster shops on Hollywood Blvd. Captivated by images of Fantastic Voyages, Ultimate Trips, and Towering Infernos, I've been a fan of Key Art ever since.  

Producing one sheets is a collaborative process. Along with overseeing teams of illustrators, photographers and designers, one of my main contributions as creative director has often been the initial concept. Click on the gallery below to see the thumbnails behind the posters, or keep SCROLLING DOWN to see more work. . .

Key Art Copy

Early in my career, I asked a client how many lines I should include in a copy submission. Her answer always stayed with me: “One good one.”